Frequently asked questions

  • What or who are Dark Angels?

    Dark Angels is a group of 12 writers who run creative writing experiences – both residential and tailored – to help people become better communicators at work and in life. There are lots of books and courses about how to write sentences, get your grammar right, or craft killer email subject lines. These are great, but the Dark Angels approach is different. We believe that if you want to become a better writer at work, you need to become a better writer generally. So, we help you explore what it feels like to be creative with words, how to be concise and how to get your message across.

    Dark Angels are also the hundreds of alumni who are taking the Dark Angels message about writing out into the world. If you’ve been on a course with us, you are a Dark Angel.

  • I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a writer but I write a lot. Is this for me?

    Absolutely, yes. Regardless of job title or profession, our courses are for anyone who writes at work or in life. We welcome lots of people from copywriting, brand strategy, corporate comms, fiction and journalism. But we have just as many who are lawyers, doctors, HR managers and more.

  • I’m interested in a tailored training programme for my team. Is this something you can do for us?

    100%. We’ve been introducing people to the idea of “creative writing for business” for 15 years – from the BBC to BP, public to private entities, global consulting firms to tiny start-ups. We also facilitate team away days where we focus on team culture, communication, team dynamic and cultivating a sense of belonging through consistent actions and rituals.
    Find out more by dropping us a line.


  • Why would I come on a Dark Angels course?

    Perhaps you’d like to explore your own writing voice. Maybe you’d like to develop your own sense of what is good/bad business writing, so you can advocate for better writing and give better briefs.

    Or you may want to build your creative confidence by playing with different forms and styles of writing and even strengthen your resilience by helping you work in short bursts.

    You may simply want to give your general wellbeing a boost by expressing yourself in a creative and supportive environment.

    Maybe you just want a break from the mad rush of the working world. Whatever your reason, you’ll be glad you came. Expect a great, big warm welcome.

  • What will I learn?

    There is a progression of learning experiences, though we’d say no matter which course you attend, you’ll enjoy a deeply supportive and stimulating environment that helps you:

    • Develop your craft
    • Build creative confidence and resilience
    • Discover and tell your own compelling stories
    • Appreciate the nuances of working solo and with others 
    • Engage different audiences and clarify your thinking
    • Work at a strategic level
    • Become an advocate for great writing
  • Are there opportunities to progress through the courses?

    Yes. Most people progress on open courses, from one-day immersion, through residential Foundation, Advanced and Masterclass programmes and beyond. For alumni Angels, we run themed courses that address specific creative and sometimes business related content. And for teams, we offer tailored away day experiences that focus on improving team culture, communication, relationships and cultivate a sense of belonging through consistent actions and rituals.

  • Where can I find this year’s programme?

    Check out the full 2020 schedule.

  • Why do you have two prices for each course?

    We support and welcome every kind of writer. It just so happens that many are freelance and struggle to muster their own continuing professional development budget. So, if you work for a larger organisation that finances professional development programmes like ours, they’ll pay the regular price. If you’re freelance or funding the course out of your own pocket, you’ll pay the discounted fee.

  • Are there scholarships available?

    Yes, we offer discounted places on the Taster days and Foundations for young or emerging writers. For details, see our Scholarships page.

  • Where are the courses held?

    Place is central to all our writing experiences. We have hosted courses across the globe. London, Edinburgh, Oxford, Sierra de Aracena (Spain), County Meath (Ireland), Auckland, Amsterdam, Zurich, Boston and Seattle. For tailored courses, we’re happy to discuss ideal locations and venues that suit your location and budget. We can also facilitate virtual learning programmes through video conferencing.

  • Who else have you worked with?

    We have worked with a number of well known agencies and organisations that include British Airways, Barclays, BBC, BP, Diageo, The Economist, Innocent, Interbrand, Lloyds, McLaren, O2, Penguin, the Royal Academy, Sainsbury’s, Sage, Shell, Takeda, Tate & Lyle, Unbound, Unilever and many more. We work with SME organisations too.

  • We’re looking for an interesting speaker for an event. Can you help?

    Definitely. There are accomplished speakers and workshop facilitators among our ranks. Choose from topics like verbal identity, tone of voice, brand purpose, personality, corporate communications, message strategy and lots more. Just ask.

  • I’m intrigued by your name. Where does it come from?

    Our name comes from the book of the same title by founder, John Simmons, with its nod to Milton’s Paradise Lost. John writes that as Dark Angels, we are neither those who have fallen, nor those who have ascended, but we occupy the fertile, if broken ground in between. We find our creativity in our flawed human nature. We write best when we are Dark Angels.

  • Do you have a privacy policy?

    We do, yes. Read our privacy policy.