What is Creative Writing for Business and why does it work?

We believe that if you want to become a better writer at work, you need to become a better writer, full stop.

At Dark Angels, we encourage you to explore the craft behind the words you experience for pleasure – novels, poetry, plays, film – and experiment with those techniques by applying them to your own writing. Here’s why.

It’s more effective
If you can use words more creatively you can better express what you think, feel and want – in words written or spoken.

It makes connections
We like to think of ourselves as rational beings, but science proves we’re not. We make decisions based on our emotions, then rationalise with whatever facts we can muster. When you evoke emotion in your writing, your words are working that much harder for you.

It boosts confidence
We rarely write in our own voice. It’s almost always in the voice of an organisation, brand or division. What do we say? What’s the right tone? These are creative choices, and when you have clarity around tone of voice, you exude confidence.

It’s immediate
All you need is a pen and some paper. Playing creatively with words is a fast and easy way to develop and flex your creativity muscles. This helps you generate new ways of communicating and thinking.

It’s personally fulfilling
When you are more creative, you are more resilient. You can see new ways of making sense of things. So you can adapt to change, deal with the unknown and anticipate what might happen next.