Creative Writing for business

People who write well do extraordinary things.
They can change our minds – even change our lives. Sometimes, they change the world.

Dark Angels is a series of playful and collaborative writing workshops that give individuals and teams a chance to see the world differently and develop their communications skills in new ways.

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‘Dark Angels was a life-changer. I’ve been an uneasy writer most of my adult life – not trusting my abilities to put on paper what I had in my mind. Dark Angels reminded me about the power of honesty and empathy. Since the course, I feel much more confident and free of doubt. Thank you for creating a course that spoke to me so beautifully.’

Lourdes Canizares-Bidwa, Associate Director of Marketing, Ernst Young

‘Once you’ve been bitten by a Dark Angel, you get a taste for words of the human kind.’

Claire Wilson, Writer

‘One of the most rewarding and inspirational weeks I’ve ever spent, anywhere, ever.’

Rob Williams, BBC Screenwriter

‘The course has injected a proper passion in me. It’s as if I’ve peeled on a new pair of eyes.’

Ceri Tallett, Brand Writer

‘I am once again craving an injection of inspiration that only a Dark Angels course can give.’

Robert England, Up for Life

Does your team deserve a creative boost?

Whether you’re a non-profit or a growing business, we can help your team become better writers. We create tailored workshops and programmes to change how people think, write and communicate. Get in touch.

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